Jan R. Schwarz Genealogy. The Schwarz - Spears - Hassebroek Family Histories
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What's New (past 90 days)

  • 2013
    • April, Initial imports, testing, and cleaning up of my genealogy data
    • June, Started adding photographs of people and locations
    • July, Started to include street addresses when known, especially in Amsterdam
    • September, Extra generations of Schwarz ancestors in RĂ¼gen
    • October, Extra generations of Tasseron ancestors (Kolff, Hendriks and Riecardo)
    • October, Extra generations of Struijkenkamp ancestors (Deur, van Slingerland, van Vliet, Lemmerhart, Geudeker, Vegersteen, Ojevaar, Booijs and Heijnen)
    • November, Extra generations of Tasseron ancestors (Brakenhoff, Rademaker, Gillese, Kolff, van der Beek, van der Velden)
  • 2014
    • January, Extra generations and family details of Anderson (Bell, Coates, Emmerson, Gillis)
    • February, Extra work/event details for Arthur James Jenkins
    • March, Extra generations and family details of the Grant family in England and India
    • June & July, Miscellaneous updates on individuals, extra details/generations on the Caudle and Cornelissen families
    • August, Extra generations and details for Molleman, and van Schaik
    • September, Extra generations and details for Grant family (White, Mason, Ainslie and Sinclair)
    • October, Extra generations and details for Valenkamp family
    • November, Miscellaneous details: Speers, Hassebroek, Bartman, Belrose
    • December, Extra generations of: Cuff, Hopkins, Hutton, Wilkinson
  • 2015
    • January & February, Added Dean and Martin families, expanded Hopkins, Bartman, Belrose, Shouldice and Bell
    • March, Added Gibbons, Turfkruijer, Turfrijer, Turfruijder families
    • April, "Completed": Turfrijer
    • May, "Completed": Turfreijer, more Turfrijer
    • June, Extra generations of van Soelen and Haag, Tasseron ancestors (Maas, Waardenburgh, Middelton)
    • July, Added more descendants of Gottlieb Andreas Christian Schwarz (1817-1850)
    • August, Added Kuus and Bosman
    • September Bosman and miscellaneous updates
    • October Schwarz, Schults and miscellaneous updates
    • November added van der Made and van Cutsem
    • December Added more Molleman descendants
  • 2016
    • January "Completed" van der Made and van Cutsem, additional Kuus ancestors
    • February, added Struijkenkamp descendants
    • March, added to Zeeman (married to Maria Elizabeth Schildwacht)
    • April,descendants of Maria Elizabeth Schildwacht, Updates for Sprong, Struijkenkamp, TNG v11 upgrade, shared events created
    • May, Updates for Sprong, Struijkenkamp (van Beek), and Molleman
    • July, Extra generations of van Beek
    • August, van Beek, van Cutsem
    • December, Updates and additions to Abcouwer
  • 2017
    • Miscellaneous updates, did not do a lot of genealogy this year
  • 2018
    • January to April, Added mainly more of Gwen's Canadian extended family including Tobermory pioneers
    • April to November, miscellaneous updates
  • 2019
    • January Miscellaneous updates
  • 2021
    • January Miscellaneous updates and Tobermory updates
    • February Desjardine updates
    • March Desjardine updates
  • 2022
    • March Tobermory updates, Coates research, Miscellaneous updates
    • July Added some 23andMe relatives trying to find the Jenkins Swedish connection


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Belrose, Jody William 
b. 22 Jun 1968   20 Jul 2022
Drost, Dirk Marinus 
b. 15 Jun 1924  Pieter Vlamingstraat 11 huis, Amsterdam, , Noord-Holland, Netherlands  20 Jul 2022
ten Bookum, Antonia Johanna 
b. 29 May 1925  Amsterdam, , Noord-Holland, Netherlands  20 Jul 2022
Spears, Stanley Kenneth 
b. 1 Jan 1931   18 Jul 2022
Longstreet, Sylvia 
b. 14 Aug 1957   17 Jul 2022
Bonus, Patricia "Patsy" 
b. 9 Aug 1953   16 Jul 2022
b. 23 Jul 1920   12 Jul 2022
Longstreet, Wallace "Wally" 
b. Est 1920   12 Jul 2022
Longstreet, Robert John "Bob" 
b. 30 Aug 1942   12 Jul 2022
Bain, Beatrice Margaret 
b. 1912   11 Jul 2022
Watson, Archibald "Archie" Kendrid 
b. Nov 1910   11 Jul 2022
Belrose, Reanna Lee 
b. 10 Jul 1983   11 Jul 2022

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I11802  Wallace "Wally" Longstreet  I11803  Josephine    12 Jul 2022
 I9253  Archibald "Archie" Kendrid Watson  I10950  Beatrice Margaret Bain    11 Jul 2022