Our Family History

I became interested in my family history in 2011. I never knew my paternal grandparents or my maternal grandfather. My maternal grandmother passed away when I was 4. I had little to go on when I started since my parents had passed away before 2011.

The pieces of my family history in Holland have slowly come together. I've also researched my wife's Canadian, Irish, Scottish and English, ancestors and relatives.


The results of my research can be found here: Jan R. Schwarz Genealogy (click on the link)

It contains:

  • My family, including Schwarz, Molleman, Struijkenkamp, and Tasseron;
  • My wife Gwen's family, including Spears, Bartman, Jenkins, and Anderson;
  • My sister's family, including Hassebroek, Dijkman and Kramer; The Hassebroek Genealogy is heavily based on the extensive research done by my late brother-in-law Jan Hassebroek. Jan passed away on October 20, 2003;
  • A number of my cousin's families, including Drost and Sleijster.

If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections, or additions to my genealogy file, please contact me: Jan Schwarz - E-Mail: JRS@JRSGen.com